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The Crisis of Chronic Disease and Inflammation

The world, especially the Western world, is facing an unprecedented health crisis in the form of chronic disease and inflammation. Over 50% of the planet’s population suffers from chronic illness, and it’s clear that the contemporary model of symptomatic treatment using prescription drugs isn’t working. More people than ever suffer from autoimmune diseases. In fact, doctors are increasingly shifting their focus to natural, non-toxic, bioregulatory approaches that treat the entire patient – and not just their symptoms.

At Rejuvenation Health in East Hampton, world-renowned Dr. Gerry Curatola and his team use evidence-based bioregulatory treatments that aim to combat the ongoing crisis of chronic illness. Employing a unique holistic approach to biological medicine, our team addresses a variety of factors – including rest, nutrition, toxin elimination and rejuvenation therapy – that allow the body to heal and repair itself naturally, without the use of prescription drugs.

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Biological Medicine: Letting the Body Heal Itself

The underlying premise of biological medicine is simple: to shift focus away from symptom-based medication and allow the body to heal itself through methods of autoregulation. In the absence of toxicity, inflammation and dysregulation, the human body has an incredible capacity to heal and repair itself. At Rejuvenation Health, our goal is to identify and eliminate the unique causal disease chains in each patient and restore health and balance to the body via biological, energetic, psycho-emotional, and spiritual homeostasis.

While conventional medicine looks at and treats isolated symptoms, biological medicine takes into consideration the entire physical and emotional spectrum of an individual patient. This allows our naturopathic doctors to identify and isolate and treat the root cause of disease, rather than simply covering up superficial symptoms. The goal of Dr. Curatola and the team at Rejuvenation Health is ambitious, but we’re committed to putting an end to the illogical, centuries old barrier that has existed between dentistry and holistic medicine.

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Our state-of-the-art wellness centers in Manhattan and East Hampton are crafted in every way to optimize patient comfort, care, and relaxation. As global leaders in biological health and natural medicine, we’re pioneering a results-driven approach to integrative health care, beauty and total mind-body wellness.

The Lasting Benefits of Total Body Wellness

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Advanced Holistic Medicine Treatments and Diagnostic Tools

Boasting decades of experience in biological medicine, and over 35 years of clinical experience, Dr. Curatola is a global authority on the bioregulatory methods of naturopathic medicine. Our team uses a variety of state-of-the-art diagnostic tools during treatment protocols, including detoxification programs, advanced allergy testing, parasite testing, and hormonal balancing programs. As part of our holistic diagnostic process, we also offer:

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Cardiovascular Disease

Lyme Disease and Coinfections

Diabetes and metabolic syndrome

Neurological disorder

Allergy testing and treatment

Detoxification Program

Hormonal Balance and Control

Pain Management

Oriental Medicine

Gut Health

Bioenergetic Medicine

Diagnostic Testing

Helping your body heal, repair and revitalize itself, naturally.

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