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Bioenergetic Medicine: A Molecular Glimpse into Human Health and Wellness

Bioenergetic medicine in East Hampton, NY is a revolutionary (if not technologically complex) approach to holistic healthcare that focuses on how disease relates to the body’s cellular ability to accumulate, store, and utilize energy. Centered around the vastly complex and interconnected relationship between disease and mitochondrial energy output, bioenergetic medicine is based on the idea that disease is systemic. In other words, rather than treating a specific symptomatic organ or tissue system that is expressing symptoms, the principles of bioenergetic medicine suggest that we can identify and isolate the root cause of symptoms by observing the energetic output, and overall efficiency, of mitochondria in different regions of the body.

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Transcending the Modern Diagnostic Approach

To provide a more practical illustration of the above-referenced definition of bioenergetic medicine, consider a patient presenting with symptoms of migraine. While the head is the obvious location of pain during a migraine event, bioenergetic medicine suggests that this particular region may not be the root cause of the symptoms that the patient is experiencing. By using biofeedback technology and conducting specific tests relating to the energy output of mitochondria that produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP), our team can accurately determine where – and what! – is causing the migraine-associated symptoms. At Rejuvenation Health in East Hampton, NY, these are the types of advanced diagnostic questions we take into consideration when treating patients at the holistic level. Rather than treating superficial symptoms, internationally recognized biologic dentist Dr. Gerry Curatola and his team of elite holistic health experts are determined to uncover and treat the underlying causes of systemic disease.

Quantum Biofeedback and Bio-Individuality

Much of the approach of bioenergetic medicine revolves around biofeedback data that allows us to “communicate” with the body in terms of interpreting what its molecular needs are at any given moment. Using advanced quantum biofeedback technology, bio-individual data is measured and accumulated in the mitochondria using the body’s bioelectrical field. Our doctors then use this biofeedback to read and “translate” what the body is communicating on a molecular level.

On a more practical level, treatments and therapies based on bioenergetic medicine can range from vitamin and mineral supplements to radically altered dietary and nutritional plans. On a patient-by-patient basis, Dr. Curatola and our Rejuvenation Health team are able to accurately determine whether an individual is in a molecular state of balance or imbalance. From there, we can take a guided approach to treatment for each specific patient based on their unique biochemical makeup.

Your body is communicating with you - Bioenergetic medicine lets you listen.

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