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The Myth of Detox Drinks, Cleanses and Diets

If you’ve done any amount of research online about how to detox your body, you’ve surely come across a barrage of products that claim to do everything from cleanse your liver to remove heavy metals from your bloodstream. While these products may work with some degree of efficacy, the truth is that your body is the single best detoxing tool you could ever use to eliminate toxic waste, including microbial waste material from blood, organs and cells. At Rejuvenation Health, our internationally recognized team of doctors and naturopathic experts help you identify self-healing methods that will let your body do the detoxing for you safely, naturally and with unparalleled effectiveness.

Identify self-healing methods that will let your body do the detoxing for you safely, naturally and with unparalleled effectiveness.


Letting Your Body Do the Work

When it comes to filtering toxins from the body, there isn’t a detox drink or powder detox cleansing product on the planet that comes close to mimicking the functionality of your liver, kidney, and digestive tract. These organs have evolved over thousands of years to rid the body’s internal systems of toxic waste material. At our Rejuvenation Health Wellness Center in East Hampton, NY, we take a natural, holistic approach to whole-body detox, in order to develop a highly customized detoxification plan that will work for your specific physiology.

One of the most common techniques for detox dieting is to eliminate solid foods and replace them for a period of time with liquids. The idea behind this detox method is to let the body “rest and heal” naturally, but in reality, eliminating solid foods reduces the intake of fiber, which is a key component for efficient digestion and the removal of toxins via solid stool. Furthermore, the digestive gut uses microbiota from fiber to nourish the inner lining of the intestines, which ultimately helps in nutrient absorption and toxin elimination.

Holistic Experts in Full Body Detox Cleansing

The team at Rejuvenation Health is globally renowned for guiding patients through safe, natural, and effective whole-body detox cleanses in East Hampton, NY. We work on a holistic foundation, meaning we take an individualized detox approach to every patient we see. Some of the detox treatments we offer include:
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