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Traditional Chinese Medicine for Whole-Body Healing

The ideology surrounding traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) centers on the belief that the human body flows with a vital energy, or internal life force, called qi. When the body’s qi is in a state of balance and equilibrium, we experience health, happiness and vitality; when qi is out of balance (due to spiritual, physiological and/or environmental factors), we experience pain, sickness and emotional illness. The holistic practices of Oriental medicine are aimed at shifting a patient’s internal life force back to a state of balance and equilibrium. In a balanced state, the human body has an incredible propensity for self-healing, which is the goal of our world-class team of holistic experts and naturopathic doctors at Rejuvenation Health Wellness Center in East Hampton, NY.

Energy Healing with Acupuncture, Guided Sleep Meditation and Reflexology

The medicinal techniques and healing traditions of Chinese medicine, which date back thousands of years, are aimed at balancing the opposing internal life forces (yin and yang) that make up our vital energy. Energy healing, which takes place when yin and yang become balanced, is the body’s ability to heal itself through autoregulation. Ancient treatments and techniques for energy healing with Oriental medicine include:

Dedicated to Treating the Whole Patient, Not Just Symptoms

As founder and executive director of Rejuvenation Health in East Hampton, NY, internationally recognized biologic dentist Dr. Gerry Curatola is dedicated to transcending the contemporary medical approach to illness and disease. Rather than treating isolated symptoms with prescribed medication, Dr. Curatola and the team at Rejuvenation Health are dedicated to treating the whole patient in an effort to restore health, renew balance and reincorporate vitality into patient’s lives.

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We consider all aspects of a patient's health and wellness, including biologic, energetic, spiritual and psycho-emotional components.

Are You a Candidate for Chinese Medicine Treatments?

If you’ve been suffering from oral or medical symptoms, but have experienced little in the way of improvement with conventional medicine, you may be an adequate candidate for the holistic approaches of traditional Chinese medicine. Our dental and medical experts treat the patient as a whole, and consider your complete spectrum of body-mind wellness in order to restore health, happiness, and vitality. We consider all aspects of a patient’s health and wellness, including biologic, energetic, spiritual and psycho-emotional components. For a transcendental approach to mind-body wellness, call or visit Rejuvenation Health today and schedule a consultation with one of our world-renowned Chinese herbal medicine practitioners.

Experience the millennia-old techniques of ancient Chinese healing.

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