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The basic mission of Rejuvenation Health is simple: to ensure that every patient we see is living a healthy, happy, naturally inspired life. While conventional dentistry often focuses on the treatment of isolated symptoms, we take a bioregulatory diagnostic approach to get to the root cause of your problems – many of which start with your oral health. Dr. Gerry Curatola and the team at Rejuvenation Health are setting the standard for biological medicine, and we’re committed to understanding the unique microbiome of every patient. It’s our aim to galvanize internal balance and inspire healing through self-regulation and the elimination of built-up toxins in the body.

The benefits of a holistic approach to oral health and wellness is that, rather than simply treating symptoms, we consider the complete microbial, genetic, biochemical, psycho-emotional and spiritual composition of each patient. There’s an undeniable vital force that manifests in each living being, and it’s this vital force that forms the matrix of our oral, physical and emotional well-being. The goal of Dr. Curatola and our holistic medicine team is to observe and understand the intricate relationships that drive each patient’s life, and to set patients on a path to internal, self-regulated healing.

"Setting each patient on a path to personal, self-regulated healing."

What Makes Rejuvenation Health Unique?


Understanding the Bioregulatory Approach

Our dedication to a result-driven philosophy is second only to our dedication to patient care and satisfaction. At Rejuvenation Health in East Hampton, our team of natural medicine experts take a personal, bioregulatory approach to:
Rejuvenation Dentistry

A Global Expert in Naturopathic Medicine

As Rejuvenation Dentistry® founder and author of The Mouth-Body Connection, Dr. Curatola is world-renowned for his unique, bioregulatory wellness approach that considers all aspects of a patient’s condition  – including their oral, physical, and emotional health. Dr. Curatola is a distinguished practitioner in the Guide to America’s Top Dentists and is featured in both the Leading Physicians of the World and the Top Dentists of New York.

Manhattan's premier naturopathic and holistic medicine practitioner.

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