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Why Do We Age?

Believe it or not, the process of aging is paradoxical in nature. As living organisms, nearly every molecular process in the body is involved in the effort to help us survive and reproduce – thereby ensuring the long-term survival of our species. Our bodies even have cellular processes engineered to prolong our lifespan. So why is it, then, that cells age at all? And why is it that cellular aging manifests in the form of visible signs of aging? These questions aren’t well understood from an evidence-based perspective, but one theory suggests that, since the evolutionary goal of all species is to reproduce, cellular maintenance and longevity begins to decline after reproduction takes place. In other words, after we’ve reproduced, processes in our cells begin to slow and deteriorate – ultimately culminating in the physical signs of aging that we all know and witness. At Rejuvenation Health in East Hampton, our specialty team offers a variety of cutting-edge treatments and technologies that are geared towards helping you look – and feel – younger, happier, healthier, and better than ever.

Stress and Inflammation: Fast Tracking the Visible Signs of Aging

Irrespective of the philosophical inquiry of “why” we age, the simple reality is that we do age. As we get older, aging cells reveal themselves in wrinkles, gray hair, sore muscles, aching joints, poor vision, etc. And as you know, there are a variety of lifestyle choices and environmental factors that amplify visible signs of aging.

Some of these factors include:

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How You Can Age Gracefully and Naturally

Fortunately, there are things we can do to deter the cellular stress that leads to visible signs of aging. Have you ever wondered how people in their 40s, 50s, 60s and even beyond can look so bright, healthy, and youthful? Often, this is due to a combination of healthy lifestyle choices rather than any sort of genetic advantage. Conventional anti-aging treatments like NAD drips can of course help, but like most modern-day treatments and therapies, these are mostly designed to temporarily cover up the visible signs of aging rather than treat the root cause of the aging process.

Natural Anti-Aging Treatments: Practical, Affordable and Effective

The underlying foundation of Rejuvenation Health is to help patients heal naturally and without the use of prescription medication or invasive surgical procedures. When causal disease factors such as stress and inflammation are reduced, the body has an incredible propensity to heal itself – including minimizing the cellular damage that leads to aging. The goal of world-renowned Dr. Gerry Curatola and the team of experts at Rejuvenation Health is to help identify the unique causal chains in your body that are leading to symptomatic signs of aging. Some of the natural anti-aging treatments we offer at our wellness center in East Hampton include:

Evoke is a natural anti-aging treatment and facial remodeling therapy that uses the INMODE radio frequency to reduce wrinkles and contour lines on the face, neck and jawline. The result – especially when combined with our cosmetic dentistry procedures – is a bright, youthful appearance that highlights contours of the jawline and defines your natural facial features.

One of the key benefits of a core-specific workout is to increase cardiovascular flow and oxygenation to muscles and tissue groups throughout the body. Increasing blood and lymphatic flow helps to curb inflammation that often is the root cause of aging. EmSculpt is a detoxifying, body contouring therapy that uses advanced Tesla Technology to strengthen the abdominal muscles, glutes, arms, and legs. In fact, just 30 minutes of an EmSculpt workout plan has the core workout equivalent of 20,000 crunches.
In terms of all-natural anti-aging treatments in East Hampton, few options produce better or more immediate results than our Rejuv Smile Professional Teeth Whitening program. Using patented technology, this advanced anti-aging cosmetic treatment safely whitens teeth up to three shades lighter in just one hour.

Another significant cause of symptomatic aging is lack of cellular hydration. Our advanced IV therapy treatment at Rejuvenation Health works to reduce pain, lower inflammation, and support mineralization for anti-aging effects.

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A Brighter, Happier, Healthier, Younger Looking You

Whatever your anti-aging goals are, the team at Rejuvenation Health will work with you on a personal level to eliminate the causal chains and sources of stress that manifest as visible signs of aging. Using an all-natural treatment approach, we’ll design a personalized anti-aging plan for you that will help you look and feel younger, and will help you age gracefully in vitality, longevity, and health.

Age into vitality with a safe, healthy, all-natural anti-aging treatment plan.

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