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Naturopathic Treatment and Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease

Astonishing approximately 659,000 people die each year from heart disease in the United States. As hard as it is to believe, that’s one person every 36 seconds. And sadly, as is often the case with conventional medicine, cardiovascular disease in East Hampton, NY is rarely treated at the holistic level. Instead, symptoms are most often treated with prescription medications, many of which are laden with adverse side effects and do little in terms of addressing the actual cause of the problem.

As opposed to resolving superficial symptoms with prescription drugs, we treat the whole patient to resolve the root cause of the problem.

At Rejuvenation Health in East Hampton, Dr. Gerry Curatola and his team of world-renowned naturopathic doctors work to treat and prevent cardiovascular-related health issues at the holistic level. As opposed to resolving superficial symptoms with prescription drugs, we treat the whole patient to resolve the root cause of the problem. This often involves the implementation of lifestyle changes that allow the body to detoxify, rid itself of disease-causing inflammation, and self-heal.

What’s Cardiovascular Disease?

In the most basic sense, cardiovascular disease is any type of disease that affects proper functioning of the heart and blood vessels. In the United States, an estimated 50% of all adults are living with a form of symptomatic or asymptomatic heart disease. Some of the most common types of heart disease include:

Chinese Medicine and the Holistic Approach to Heart Health

A holistic approach to cardiovascular health involves both the treatment and prevention of disease. Holistic heart disease treatments consider the entire individual, including factors such as diet, activity level, metabolism, and emotional well-being. As opposed to systematically treating symptoms with medication, traditional focuses on reverting the body’s qi, or life energy, back to a state of balance and harmony. At Rejuvenation Health Wellness Center in East Hampton, you will work together with global Chinese medicine experts to create a holistic treatment and wellness plan for both the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular conditions. If you suffer from persistent symptoms with no obvious cause, or if you’ve taken other conventional approaches to heart health with little results, traditional Chinese medicine may be an option for you. 

Among other treatments, our team specializes in:


How Naturopathic Treatment Can Help

While effective, many of the most common drugs for heart conditions contain severe side effects. This is the result of the drugs treating isolated symptoms rather than the entire body as a whole. Holistic heart disease treatments consider the entire patient, and work to return the patient’s body back to a state of balance and homeostasis. When in balance, the human body has an incredible propensity to heal itself. Naturopathic cardiovascular treatments will vary depending on everyone’s unique health state. For example, a patient that’s looking for natural ways to lower blood pressure would need to have an in-depth consultation with our doctors to discuss factors such as nutrition and diet, activity level, life stressors, coping strategies, and more. All these factors come into play when it comes to the ability to effectively treat and prevent cardiovascular disease in a holistic fashion.

The Key Role of Inflammation in Heart Disease

Dr. Curatola and our team of naturopathic doctors are also highly trained in pinpointing causal chains in the body that lead to inflammation, which is one of the leading causes of heart disease. Inflammation promotes narrowing of the arteries (atherosclerosis), which increases the risk of heart attack, stroke, and a variety of other serious cardiovascular conditions. Most heart conditions show up early in other parts of the body via inflammatory-induced symptoms; thus, it’s imperative to identify and eliminate sources of chronic inflammation as early as possible.

For many patients, a major avenue of inflammation comes from the digestive system. The human gut houses billions of active bacteria in a pH-specific microbiome; when the gut microbiome falls out of balance, bacteria and/or their metabolites can escape the digestive system’s microenvironment and cause widespread inflammation throughout the body. 

inflammation also commonly arises from lifestyle conditions, including:

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Global Leaders in Naturopathic Cardiovascular Treatment

Pinpointing causal factors of heart disease is the major goal of natural cardiovascular treatment, and this is exactly what our team of experts aims to achieve at Rejuvenation Health in East Hampton. In addition to pinpointing disease-causing sources of inflammation, we also work with patients to identify and eliminate sources of insomnia, stress, chronic fatigue, and depression – all of which are precursors to heart attack and other forms of cardiovascular stress.
Additionally, our naturopathic doctors work with patients to develop customized nutrition plans that are specific to heart health. This often includes the use of herbs and natural heart health supplements, including supplements that contain coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), omega-3 acids, magnesium, and potassium. Rejuvenation Health can develop natural cardiovascular treatments that balance digestive health, promote exercise and activity, and eliminate causal chains leading to heart disease.

Holistic guidance to a natural, healthier heart.

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