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How Chronic Exposure to Environmental Toxins Affects Your Health

It’s a sad reality in this day and age that no matter where you look, toxins are all around us. From the foods we eat to the hygiene products we use and the air we breathe, exposure to environmental toxins is a daily occurrence for much of the human population. From a health perspective, we’re only beginning to observe the inherent dangers that stem from chronic exposure to environmental toxins.

Toxin is a vague term that describes any natural or man-made substance that has the potential to produce a negative reaction within the body. Toxins can harm, change, and/or deter molecular processes in our cells; in this way, toxins pose health risks in the form of inflammation, disease, deterred growth and development, and genetic mutation.

Toxin is a vague term that describes any natural or man-made substance that has the potential to produce a negative reaction within the body.

And the scary part is that toxins are everywhere in the world we live in. Take a quick look at the ingredients label of the sunscreen you use or even the bread you eat, and more likely than not, you’ll be looking at a long list of chemicals that don’t bode well for cellular health and efficiency. At Rejuvenation Health, a large part of what we do is help patients identify and eliminate sources of toxin exposure in their day-to-day lives. The body breaks toxins down into reactive oxygen type known as free radicals. These free radicals are often a harbinger of physiological stress and inflammation that can manifest in the form of chronic disease.
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Is It Possible to Escape Toxin Exposure?

Unless you’re willing to give up your worldly life, retreat deep into nature and live “off the land,” it’s impossible to fully eliminate exposure to environmental toxins. Research is still in its early stages in terms of the health impact toxins are having on us, but we’re already seeing clear links between things like air pollution and neurological disease, PBDE exposure and diabetes, metal toxicity and digestive system microbiome imbalances, and so on.
The fact of the matter is chronic exposure to environmental toxins is putting an unprecedented amount of stress on our bodies. This stress is in turn translating to chronic inflammation, which is translating into an increasing prevalence of disease around the globe. At Rejuvenation Health, a state-of-the-art wellness center in East Hampton, NY, Dr. Gerry Curatola has developed a holistic, all-natural treatment approach that’s helping patients eliminate toxin exposure and return their bodies to the natural state of autoregulation and self-healing – without the use of medication.

FLOWpresso®: An All-Natural Approach to Toxin Defense

The human lymph system is an internal microbial “filter” that functions exclusively to rid the body of toxins. In the event of overstimulation (i.e., due to chronic toxin exposure), the lymphatic system becomes inflamed and can lead to dozens of different diseases and medical conditions. FLOWpresso is an all-natural, 100% non-invasive therapy that uses deep compression and far infrared heat to promote toxin release via enhanced lymphatic drainage. With its unique 3-in-1 functionality, FLOWpresso is an advanced treatment platform that can be used to:

How to Live an (Almost) Toxin-Free Life

Like the effects of FLOWpresso, intense daily exercise can drastically increase lymphatic and cardiovascular flow, helping the body to expel molecular toxins quickly and efficiently as waste.
Many self-care hygiene products we use are loaded with toxins. By switching to responsibly sourced, all-natural products (like Dr. Curatola’s vitamin rich Revitin toothpaste), we can take great strides in terms of limiting our daily toxin exposure.
Antioxidants are natural compounds that help rid the body of inflammation-causing reactive oxygen species (free radicals). Maintaining an antioxidant-rich diet is one of the best things we can do to help lower the impact of environmental toxicity.
Chronic stress is the single biggest cause of inflammation and disease in the body. As such, measures to reduce stress can have a massive impact on our health in terms of limiting adverse effects from toxin exposure.

A non-toxic approach to an increasingly toxic environment.

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