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The Historical Disconnect Between Dentistry and Medicine

For more than one hundred years, a wall has been built up that thoroughly distinguishes oral health from systemic (whole body) health. Doctors are typically trained in either one or the other, and rarely do we see crossover between the two in terms of clinical treatment. Sadly, this reality comes at the expense of the patient, as most conventional medical and dental techniques are designed to treat a patient’s symptoms, rather than the overall individual. 

This disconnect is severely misguided given the influence that oral health has on systemic health. In fact, studies estimate that up to 90% of systemic disease in the body originally manifests in the mouth. Furthermore, studies point to the fact that oral inflammation – including common forms of periodontitis and gingivitis – hugely increase the risk of developing chronic disease such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and dementia (Alzheimer’s). In women of child-bearing age, inflammation of the gums is linked with an astounding 700% increased risk of giving birth to a low-weight baby. Individuals with gum inflammation are also seven times more likely to develop Type-2 adult-onset diabetes compared to individuals with good oral health.

mouth-body connection

Basics of the Mouth-Body Connection

At Rejuvenation Health in East Hampton, Dr. Gerry Curatola has dedicated his career to better understanding the mouth-body connection, and how our overall health is directly related to our oral health. Simply put, when it comes to whole body wellness, the mouth is the foundation that a large part of our systemic health is built on. Like the digestive system, the mouth is alive and flourishing with bacteria.

In an individual with good oral health, this type of bacteria is beneficial and highly protective against other outside bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other potential pathogens. The complete spectrum of living microorganisms in the mouth is called the oral microbiome. As studies are increasingly showing, a healthy and balanced oral microbiome is key to achieving whole body wellness. An imbalanced oral microbiome, on the other hand, is directly linked to systemic inflammation and chronic disease.


Balance the Oral Microbiome, Balance Overall Health

An imbalanced oral microbiome is most commonly manifest in the form of gum inflammation, or periodontitis. In the early 1980s, a study was published suggesting 80% or more of the American public had some form of oral inflammation. Sadly, this number has not changed much over the past 40 years.

Studies also show that inflamed gums result in deficiencies in a variety of key antioxidants, cofactors, and coenzymes. This includes deficiencies in Vitamin C and Coenzyme Q10, which is a crucial ingredient for ATP production and cellular energy. Cells are the driving force behind every physiological function in the body; when cells are under-nourished and under-energized, the result is endless manifestation of potential disease – all of which stems from oral inflammation and an imbalanced oral microbiome.

Rejuvenation Dentistry

Helping You Re-Balance, Re-Energize and Revitalize

At Rejuvenation Health in East Hampton, the underlying goal with every patient we see isn’t just to treat symptoms, but to identify the root causes of disease and inflammation. Once the causal chains of disease have been identified, we then work to develop an effective, all-natural treatment protocol that will rebalance a patient’s microbiome and reactivate their body’s ability to autoregulate and self-heal – without the use of medication or prescription drugs.

Ditch the Detergents!

One of the first steps we take in helping patients return their body back to a state of microbial balance is to identify and eliminate sources of toxins. This of course has implications on basic lifestyle choices – i.e., diet, exercise, alcohol intake, and so on, but a large part of it also has to do with eliminating the use of common toxin-ridden hygiene products. Many seemingly innocuous products (like toothpaste and mouthwash) are laden with active ingredients that end up throwing the microbiome out of balance – in other words, doing the opposite of what they should be doing to achieve whole body wellness.

One of the best examples of this is toothpaste and mouthwash. Believe it or not, many of the most common toothpastes on the market use chemical detergents as active ingredients to “eliminate bacteria,” and reduce the buildup of plaque. Similarly, many common mouthwashes contain alcohol as an active ingredient, which absolutely wreaks havoc on the oral microbiome. Instead of “eliminating bacteria”, which are crucial to a healthy, balanced microbiome, what we should be doing to promote whole body wellness is using natural, non-toxic hygiene products that promote balance and nourish the good bacteria in our mouths with a healthy combination of vitamins, minerals, and other important nutrients. 

Dr. Curatola’s all-natural Revitin toothpaste is an excellent example of a hygiene product that works to nourish and restore balance to the oral microbiome, thereby eliminating inflammation and decreasing the risk of disease in all areas of the body.

The All-Natural Solution to Whole Body Wellness

As founder and executive director of Rejuvenation Health, Dr. Curatola’s efforts are focused on helping patients identify and eliminate sources of inflammation, which is the driving force behind most chronic disease. In four simple steps, Dr. Curatola will help you pinpoint causal chains that are driving inflammation in your body.

4 Simple Steps

Environmental Toxicity

Chronic Pain

Hormonal Balance and Control

Pain Management

Diet & Nutrition

IV Drips

Yoga & Meditation

Dietary Supplements

Restore balance and rejuvenate your inner life force.

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