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Annual Biological Dental Memberships

It’s more than a membership, it’s a lifestyle.

You can’t have a healthy body without a healthy mouth.

Elevate your wellness with Rejuvenation Health’s Annual Biological Dental Memberships and easy access to preventative oral wellness and cutting-edge biological dentistry at a preferable rate. Our world-class team of biologic dentists takes a holistic approach to full body health starting with the mouth. Our memberships include the foundation you need for excellent oral health and wellness with regular biological dental exams and cleanings as well as the home-care products for a solid daily prevention routine.

Rejuv Annual Biological Dental Plan

• Cone beams* 
• 2 Annual Exams
• 4 Annual Cleanings
• Annual Full Mouth X-Rays
• Revitin Toothpaste
• Rejuvenation Health Wellness Gift Bag
• SMS and email reminders


*We use Cone Beams as needed to detect toxicity and hidden issues.

$2,000  ($3,800 value)


Rejuv Annual Biological Dental Plus

• Cone beam as needed to detect toxicity and hidden issues
• 2 Annual Exams
• Annual Full Mouth X-Rays
• 4 Annual Rejuvenation Mouth Facial’s™
• Revitin Toothpaste
• Rejuvenation Health Wellness Gift Bag
• SMS and email reminders

$4,000  ($5,800 value)


How biological dentistry can transform your wellness

The mouth should be the outset of your wellness journey. Without a solid oral wellness routine, you can’t be truly well. Rejuvenation Health’s Annual Dental Memberships makes oral health seamless. Through our innovative biological approach, we elevate your experience with a focus on natural treatment options, early detection of toxicity and issues, and, above all, empowerment through proactive prevention.

Savings Summary

Maximize the value of membership with exclusive member discounts on most dental services.

Basic Services
Fillings 10% Off
Simple Extraction 10% Off
Miscellaneous General Dentistry 10% Off
Major Services
Crowns 5% Off
Core Buildup 5% Off
Bridges 5% Off
Dentures 5% Off
Implants 5% Off

Elevate Your Health Today

Rejuvenation Health’s Annual Dental Memberships are your gateway to comprehensive health, from your mouth to your body. Take the next step in your wellness journey—sign up now.

Dental membership plan(s) featured on this website are NOT INSURANCE. Plan members pay periodic membership fees in exchange for access to discounts on certain identified dental services rendered by Rejuvenation Health in accordance with the plan fee schedule. Plan members are obligated to pay dental providers directly for services rendered. Plan details, retail fees and member savings may vary by plan, provider and/or dental office location, please see specific plan terms and conditions for details. Dental membership plans are not qualified health plans under the Affordable Care Act, and do not meet the minimum creditable coverage requirements under M.G.L.c. 111M and 956 CMR 5.00. Dental membership plan(s) offered through this website are administered by Rejuvenation Health, a discount medical plan operator: 860 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10065 do not make payments to dental providers for services rendered to plan members. Dental membership plan(s) advertised on this website are not affiliated with or endorsed by any state insurance department. To obtain additional information about dental membership plans, please call (844) REJUVME or email questions to info@rejuv-health.com.