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Beauty and Wellness

Ignite your most natural inner glow

At Rejuvenation Health, beauty and wellness goes hand in hand. When you feel good within, you radiate beauty on the outside as well. Our careful curation includes leading Naturopathic Physicians, Estheticians, Biological Dentists and more to deliver treatments to root cause healing. 

Immunocologie Facials

A holistic facial should be clean, powerful, and purposeful. Every formula we use are loaded with minerals and vitamins developed to deliver nutrient-dense ingredients exactly where the skin needs them. Balancing microbiome, strengthening the skin’s barrier, optimizing moisture levels. We harness the power of French green clay, loaded with skin-improving minerals and known for its healing properties.

We believe in the power of intentional self-care which embraces and harnesses Yin energetic powers to rest, reset, restore and rejuvenate

Rejuvenation Brighten and Balance™

Teeth Whitening 

A unique patented teeth whitening process developed to safely whiten your teeth while protecting and nourishing the surrounding gums and soft tissue in the mouth. There are many negative effects of free radical activity from oxidation (caused by many teeth whitening products) on the mouth’s environment. This unique whitening process isolates the soft tissues in the mouth from the teeth during the whitening process with a restorative antioxidant “gum mask” called NuPath Bioactives®. This patented formulation acts to restore and replenish key antioxidants and minerals lost after whitening. A take home tube of Revitin® oral care paste containing NuPath Bioactives® is given for a follow up application.

Treatment time is 90 minutes. Cost of this treatment is $975