Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full Mouth Reconstruction (1)

A Confident Smile For Health & Wellbeing

Achieving a healthy, functional smile requires more than surface changes; it demands rebuilding its foundation. At Rejuvenation Health, we prioritize both aesthetics and health, recognizing the impact a confident smile has on overall well-being. Our comprehensive dental makeovers include services from teeth whitening to dental implants. Guided by a holistic approach, our biological dentists create personalized care plans looking beyond the tooth, crafting custom solutions to enhance your smile’s appearance, sensation, function, and vitality. Our advanced materials, techniques, and technology revitalize health and restore balance.

Full mouth transformation

The renowned Rejuvenation Health team performs Rejuvenation Full Mouth Reconstructions to transform the way you look and feel. If you’re interested in a Rejuvenation Smile Makeover on the Upper East Side, schedule a consultation with our team today. Comprehensive, full mouth reconstruction can encompass functional and aesthetic improvements to your smile. It may include any or all of the following:

  • Removing harmful metals in your mouth
  • Restoring missing teeth
  • Replacing fillings and crowns
  • Repairing chipped or decayed teeth
  • Whitening teeth
  • Aligning the bite
  • Changing the contour of the teeth or gums
  • Periodontal disease treatment
  • Restore bone integrity with bone grafts

Meet Your Biologic Dental Team

Meet with us virtually schedule your consult with Dr. Curatola and team

STEP ONE Comprehensive in person or telehealth consultation with Rejuvenation Health Team
STEP TWO Customized treatment plan development and review
STEP THREE Treatment scheduling with a dedicated patient coordinator
A full mouth reconstruction entails the removal of old dentistry, decay elimination, periodontal disease treatment, foundation preparation, teeth impressions, and the creation and placement of custom restorations by a Master Ceramicist. This comprehensive process aims to restore and enhance overall oral health.